2017 Issue

Dear Readers,

Past editors have defined the word “mosaic” to explain what the publication means to them in etymological and definitional terms. I can’t do that for two reasons: 1) They’re better writers than me, and 2) Mosaic is not a thing, nor is it something made up of things. It’s made up of people. The people who pour their hearts into this publication every year. People who give their time for no other reason than to create something beautiful.

Thank you to Dr. Katherine Conner, our leader who is unafraid to make herself heard, unwavering in the face of adversity, and not only willing, but eager to turn a bunch of unorganized, energetic college students into an editing team, and 200 unformatted, misspelled, beautiful disasters of writing submissions into a respectable academic publication.

To Patience Pepper, our graphic designer who cared about things we never even thought to care about. She came on last minute and fought harder for perfection than those of us who have been here for years.

To Abigail Giroir, my assistant editor, who was there every minute I needed her, and who feels poetry like “churned earth in practiced hands.”

To Alexandria Prosperie, who was so ready to take my job that she started a year early.

To Krystal Dean, who graduated but never left us.

To Kenna Coyle, our resident superhero who is never without the solution.

To the editing team. We took on this job to improve grammar and syntax and continuity, but we ended up improving ourselves and each other, too. I can’t believe how much you’ve grown, and you can’t understand the impact you guys have had on me.

Many people gave countless hours and lots of hard work to completing this edition of Mosaic. But the most important contribution was made by you. In your bravery of sharing your art with us. Thank you to each person who gave us a window into their lives and hearts. In return, we give you the window to ours.

Hannah Kidder
Chief Editor