The Pride of Nicholls Marching Band

The Pride of Nicholls Marching Band performs at all home football games, selected away games and in exhibition at selected marching festivals during the fall semester. The ensemble is open to all university students with previous marching band experience.  We offer a competitive service award for students that meet the requirements.

To become a member of the Pride of Nicholls Marching Band, fill out and return the application form.

Pride of Nicholls Marching Band FAQ

  • Do I have to be a music major to be in marching band?
    No! The majority of The Pride of Nicholls Marching Band is made up of students who have a wide range of majors such as biology, business, education, engineering, nursing, and psychology. Many non-music majors find marching band as a stress release from their other classes, it helps them structure their time better, and they get to become friends with students they wouldn’t have otherwise met on campus.
  • I’m worried that band will take up too much of my time and wonder how will I keep up with academics if I’m spending all my time rehearsing.
    Actually, the Pride of Nicholls rehearses less than most high school bands. We practice Monday, Wednesday, and Friday  from 2:00-3:55 pm and on the Saturday of each home. There are no after school rehearsals at all!  All of the band members find they have more than enough time to keep up with their academics and band, plus find time for other activities and a social life. In addition, the band is a great academic resource. With about 150 members there’s almost always an upperclassman with the same major who you can turn to if you’re struggling or have questions about classes.
  • What about cost?
    Your only expense for the Pride of Nicholls will be black band shoes and a flip folder (if you don’t already have these items).  We provide many instruments (mellophone, trombone, baritone, sousaphone, and percussion).  We provide the band shirt t-shirt you’ll need, your uniform, and dry cleaning.  We even have lunch for most of the Saturday practices.
  • Is band a class that I need to register for?
    Yes.  If you are a  freshman or sophomore (0-60 credit hours) you need to enroll in MUS 191-7M.  If you are a junior or senior (60+ credit hours) you need to enroll in MUS 391-7M.  Colorguard members should be enrolled in MUS 191/391-7M.  Colonelettes should be enrolled in MUS 191/391-7M1.  Percussion members should be enrolled in MUS 191/391-7M.
  • What if I have a class/schedule conflict?
    We ask that if at all possible you try to not schedule classes around the time that marching band meets.  If it is a general education class, check and see if there are any other sections that might be offered at a different time.  If you have a class for your major that is only offered at the same time as marching band, please let the us know and we’ll try to find a solution so that you can still participate in band.
  • Is there a band camp?  What if I need to live in the dorm for band camp?
    We have band camp the week before classes start on campus.  The schedule starts with leadership on Friday and percussion on Monday and all members meet on Tuesday.  From Tuesday through Friday we rehearse from 8:30am-3:30pm with lunch from 11:00-12:30.  In the summer we collect information on each student.  If you need to move into your dorm early, you will be allowed to do so prior to the beginning of band camp.
  • Are there auditions?
    There are NO auditions for wind instruments.  We do have percussion auditions in July prior to band camp.  There are separate auditions for dance and colorguard.  You can find more information on those auditions on the dance and colorguard webpages.  You can find these links to these webpages in the left column.
  • Do you offer any kind of band scholarship?
    Yes we do.  We offer $800 for marching band.  This is distributed at the end of the fall semester and is given to ALL members of the band (winds, percussion, dance, and guard) who fulfill the requirements.
  • What is the performance schedule like?
    The Pride of Nicholls performs at all home games (4-5 a year), select away games, and at local high school marching band festivals.  We provide you with food money for the away trips.  We perform three different shows each year: a full pregame show and two half-time shows.  You can find links to You Tube videos of the band below.
  • How do I get more information on joining the band?
    You can download the band application from the link above  and email it to or FAX it to (985) 448-4674.  Your section leader will contact you in the summer and you will receive a welcome letter that contains a complete schedule for band camp and the fall semester.

Feel free to contact the director at for more information.