The Nicholls Conservatory offers a one-year program for talented violinists, violists, cellists and pianists.  The course may be repeated at the instructor’s discretion and can function either as a pre- baccalaureate or post- graduate course.  The course runs concurrently with the Nicholls State University fall and spring semesters. The program is divided into three components:

1.  Individual Instruction

This is the main area of concentration.  Lessons are given twice weekly.  Depending on the level of the student, the instruction may consist of one lesson concentrating on technical material and one on repertoire.  The students are expected to work in an accelerated manner and would be expected to practice about 5 hours per day.  The students have opportunities to perform in various settings.  Guest artists will be invited to perform and give master-classes during the course of the year.

2. Chamber Music

This is an important component of the musical education of any musician.  The students will be placed in chamber ensembles and given weekly instruction.  They will be expected to rehearse on their own before each lesson.  They will be expected to learn one major work per semester and to perform at least one movement.

3.  Nicholls Camerata

The Nicholls Camerata is a chamber orchestra consisting of degree seeking students in the string program as well as members of the Nicholls Conservatory.  The students will rehearse and perform from the repertoire for string chamber orchestra.  At least one concert per semester is to be given.  The ensemble is also available to perform for school functions. Conservatory piano students may participate in the ensemble when possible, or act as rehearsal accompanists to fulfill this requirement.

At the end of the course of study, students may give a public recital of between 50-60 minutes of music before a qualified panel of adjudicators.  If the quality of this performance is deemed acceptable, the student will be awarded the Concert Recital Diploma.  If not, he or she may be given a certificate of successful completion of the course.

Weekly Hours for a Nicholls Conservatory Participant:

Individual Instruction 02
Studio Class 01
Practice 25
Chamber Music Instruction 01
Nicholls Camerata 01