Tuition and Fees

Tuition for Nicholls Online undergraduate courses is $275 per credit hour. Most courses are three credit hours, costing you $825 a course. Courses credit hours range from 1-5, so be aware of this while scheduling.*

Undergraduate Fee Structure

Credit Hour Cost Per Credit Hour
Total Cost
1 $275 $275
2 $275 $550
3 $275 $825
4 $275 $1,100
5 $275 $1,375


Graduate Fee Structure

Credit Hour Cost Per Credit Hour
Total Cost
1 $385 $385
2 $385 $770
3 $385 $1,155
4 $385 $1,540
5 $385 $1,925

No out-of-state fees are charged to Nicholls Online students.

Some courses may require additional fees including software, or online proctoring services. The average cost of an online proctored exam is $20. Contact your instructor for more information. Please check with instructor to find out about additional costs.

An Education Support Fee is added to all Nicholls State University students.  This fee is $15.18 a credit hour to a max of $182.16 at 12 credit hours.

All Nicholls Online courses will run for 8-weeks. Students who cannot complete coursework during the 8-week session may continue the course at a cost of $100 per month. This extension is subject to approval by the course instructor.

*Students in the Petroleum Engineering and Safety Management major will be assessed a $150.00 PETSM Program Fee each term, in addition to Nicholls Online tuition, beginning in Fall 2015.

Financial Aid

Nicholls Online students are eligible for federal and state financial aid. To apply, fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at

To find out more about financial aid and scholarships, talk with your Nicholls Online advisor.


Refund Policy

All policies dealing with refunds for dropping an online class are identical to those for the traditional face-to-face classes. Check out the dates for your current semester and the guidelines at Refund Policy.