Video Tutorials

Before taking a Nicholls Online course, it’s important to know what to expect. Students are physically separated from instructors and the university. This separation requires that students be self-directed, taking personal responsibility for learning. This series of tutorial videos include tips and advice from Nicholls Online faculty to make your online learning experience a success.


Online Learning Tips

Nicholls State University professors and an online student provide tips for potential distance learning students. Tips include the importance of managing time well, prioritizing your course work and being self-motivated.


Getting Started: A Moodle and Banner Tutorial

Once you are registered as a Nicholls Online student, you will be placed in Moodle, our online Learning Management System.  Moodle can be accessed from any computer with an Internet connection. The Moodle link is on the Nicholls Online main page. Moodle will be your “classroom” for all of your courses. In this video, will learn how to log in to Banner, the official records system for the university, and also navigate Moodle. You will be using these two systems frequently during your studies at Nicholls Online.


Computer Skills

To be an online learner, it is important to have some proficiency with technology. Distance students will be required to attend class on their own time using a reliable computer and the Internet. In this video, Nicholls faculty share technology tips for the online environment.


Time Management

Becoming an online learner requires students to be focused and use good time management skills. Classes are taught in eight-week sessions instead of the traditional 16, so making the most of your time is critical to your success. Students should check class schedules and log in regularly to keep up with the course materials. For more time management suggestions from Nicholls faculty, check out this video.



Communication is important part of online learning. Because students will do most of their communication with their instructors online, it is important for students to be able to communicate clearly and let their instructors know when they have questions, are confused or need technical support. Watch this video for more information about better online communication.