The “Nicholls Can” project is an idea for community service that would involve the entire Nicholls Community. We invite volunteers from every area and will need your help to make this a successful project.

This project is a University wide non-perishable food drive for the benefit of local food banks. We want to
involve all areas of the campus — departments, athletics, student government, Greeks, faculty, staff and
alumni – everybody. Our goal, one that is attainable, is to collect one can for each student, faculty member
and staff member on this campus. That would give us over 7,000 non-perishable food items that could
make a tremendous difference to our area food banks and to the hungry in these areas.
The need is real. Last year over 5 million households in the United States utilized emergency food from
a food bank one or more times. Food banks provide service to people who chronically find themselves in
need. For instance, an elderly man on a fixed income who, at the end of the month, has to choose between
filling a prescription OR buying groceries. Other people find themselves in unexpected crisis such as a
mother who suddenly becomes the sole breadwinner.

When most of us were in grade school, we couldn’t wait for weekends and holidays. For many young
students today, the days before a weekend or holiday are filled with anxiety – because they know they may
not get another decent meal until school is back in session.
The success of this service project will rest with each of us. Many faculty and staff lead, inspire and effect
change in the lives of their students. They have done outstanding service learning initiatives, undergraduate
research projects, and created exceptional learning experiences in and out of the classroom.
This project asks that each you use your influence to inspire your students to become responsible
community members who make a difference to people in need. We should encourage our students to
participate in these food drives simply because it is the right thing to do.

We continue to need help supporting this project and invite all of you who are interested to join us. Anyone
interested in becoming involved in this initiative should call the Department of Art.
Concern for others and community service should be a part of the Nicholls culture. Hopefully in the future,
the “Nicholls Can” project becomes as familiar to our students as Crawfish Day or Family Day. What this
project needs is your help and enthusiasm to make it a reality.

Together we CAN make a difference.