Modern environment
Betsy Cheramie Ayo Hall, also known as the “Nursing Building,”was dedicated in 2001 and houses the College of Nursing and Allied Health. This state-of-the-art building is where our nursing faculty members teach and engage students in realistic settings, preparing them to deliver superior nursing care in the most diverse of settings.


Hands-on learningfacility 1b
There are eight nursing laboratories. These labs, in total, house 48 hospital beds, with associated bedside tables, over-bed tables, privacy curtains, wall mounts for oxygen, air, suction, otoscopes, and all the amenities for fundamentals, medical-surgical, ob/peds and mental health nursing, to mimic the hospital setting.

The labs also contain surgical wash sinks, manikins, IV arms and chests, a human computerized simulator; literally everything to enhance our students opportunity for success!

The labs are realistic. During the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, our nursing labs/classrooms had a daily census of 80 to 100 persons needing medical care. They certainly functioned as a hospital.


High-quality instruction
0727-nursing-facilities-03.JPGNot only are the nursing labs superior, but so are our classrooms. Each is supplied with a computer with Internet access and a ceiling mount LCD wide-screen projector. Faculty members utilize many adjuncts to learning including PowerPoint presentations, games, skits, critical thinking exercises, case studies, demonstrations, guest speakers, etc.

And since technology is what this present generation knows, we also have a computer lab designated solely for the College of Nursing and Allied Health. The computers contain programs encompassing every aspect of nursing care in each specialty area.

Our students have the luxury of independent study. But, computer-assisted instruction is utilized throughout many of the nursing courses. The latest cutting-edge addition to the Department of Nursing is the intranet version of skills videos. Now, nursing students can access any skill video, from basic to intermediate to advanced, from any computer on the Nicholls campus; allowing them the opportunity to learn and review, as many times as they’d like. You learn by repetition! You learn by repetition!