Retention and Progression

Retention and Progression Requirements

  1. Must earn a “B” or better in each course in the program to be eligible for progression.
  2. A student who earns a grade below “B” will be placed on probation and must repeat the course within the following two semesters and earn at least a “B”. If a grade below “B” is earned in any subsequent course, the student will be dismissed from the program.
  3. A student may not receive more than two grades of ‘W.’
  4. A student who receives a failing grade because of extenuating, nonacademic reasons may appeal for readmission.
  5. Any student who does not enroll in graduate nursing courses toward a degree for 2 consecutive regular semesters must reapply to the program.
  6. Any student dismissed for failure to meet academic standards may make an appeal to the dean of the College. If unsuccessful, a subsequent appeal must be made to the Graduate Council of the University.
  7. Requirements for graduation must be completed within 6 years from date of enrollment in MSN program.


Admission to Candidacy

Admission to candidacy indicates a judgement by the Graduate Council that the student has shown sufficient promise to be permitted to complete work toward a degree. For admission to candidacy for a Master’s degree, a student must submit a formal application (Petition for Admission to Candidacy for a Masters Degree) to the Graduate Coordinator after satisfying the following candidacy requirements:

  • has successfully met all applicable admission formulas;
  • be classified as a regular student;
  • has completed 12 semester hours of graduate work toward the degree;
  • has earned at least a 3.0 grade point average on all graduate work. Once candidacy has been approved, the student may complete program requirements for the degree.


Minimum Grade Point Average

To be awarded a graduate degree, a student must have an average of at least 3.0 on all work pursued for graduate credit at Nicholls State University, as well as, a minimum overall average of 3.0 on all work pertaining to the degree.


Grading System

The grading system for all ICMSN universities is as follows: A = 92.5-100; B = 84.5-92.49; C = 76.5-84.49; D = 68.5-76.49; F = 0-68.49. Grades of “S” or “U” are assigned only for designated courses for which this grading procedure is specified. These grades and grades of “I” are not used in the computation of the grade-point average because the student does not receive quality points for these grades. When the “I” grade is resolved into a permanent grade, quality points are earned and the student’s scholastic standing is adjusted to reflect the influence of the permanent grade.

A student may drop a course or courses or may resign from the institution with a grade “W” prior to a date specified in the official university calendar. After that date, a student may not drop a course or resign from the institution. After that date, in extraordinary circumstances, the academic dean having jurisdiction may authorize resignation from the institution or dropping a course with the grade “W”. Extraordinary cases do not include dissatisfaction with an anticipated grade or the decision to change a major.


Transfer Credits

Students who have attended another graduate nursing program and wish to apply to the Nicholls MSN program must be eligible for readmission to the graduate nursing program from which they are transferring and must meet Nicholls Graduate School requirements. Students may transfer credit earned from a regionally accredited college or university to Nicholls as long as the hours of transfer does not exceed one-third of the total credit hours required for their degree program; they earned no grade lower than a B in the transferred courses; and, the transfer credit is applicable to the degree program. Transfer credits are subject to the six-year time limitation to satisfy all MSN degree requirements. The student must formally petition his or her academic dean for acceptance of transfer graduate credit. Final authorization of transferred credit is made by the student’s academic dean.


Change of Program Concentration

Students wishing to change the concentration within the MSN program must notify both the graduate coordinator and the graduate school at their respective universities. A revised degree plan must be constructed and approved by the graduate coordinator, and filed with the graduate school.