NASN, Nicholls Association of Student Nurses

National Student Nurses Association, Nicholls chapter

Nursing students who are involved do better. We want out students to participate in their career while in school. The Nicholls Association of Student Nurses gives students that opportunity.

The official purpose of NASN is to aid in the development of the individual student of nursing as a future health professional as well as to be aware of and to contribute to improving the health care of all people. Nursing is a service-oriented profession, and the rewards are great.

Both faculty members and students join together and work to better the community through educational efforts. The students teach every aspect of health care to any aggregate in any setting. They touch the lives of many through participation in the heart walks, American Cancer Association Relay for Life, cystic fibrosis walk, blood drives, food drives, donations to organizations, health screenings, service-learning, community Easter egg hunt, Christmas Toy Drive and more.

NASN allows the student a “voice” in a professional nursing organization. This entry-level membership affords students opportunities for networking, communication, legislative awareness, the development of good citizenship and professional unity.

By joining NASN, the student is affiliated with the National Student Nurses Association and the Louisiana Association of Student Nurses. ALL nursing majors are invited to join!

Join NASN…Make the difference!