Schedule of Classes

2019 Term Course Dates

Term    Dates
        Fall A     August 19 – October 10
        Fall B     October 14 – December 12

Additional Term Information

    • Nicholls Online courses are taught in an accelerated 8-week term format.
    • Nicholls Online students are allowed a maximum of 9 credit hours per term and 18 credit hours per semester.
    Nicholls Online course types:  WWW or WWP
    • WWW indicates:  online instruction not requiring proctored tests.
    • WWP indicates:  online instruction requiring  a minimum of at least one proctored test.  Proctored tests must be taken on campus or through the university’s online proctored exam provider.  Students pay additional outside fees for online proctoring.

*For a list of course descriptions, click here.