Online Orientation

Step 1: Orientation Materials

Nicholls Online is a way to get a Nicholls State University degree without having to come to campus. The courses are taught by the same Nicholls’ professors and use the same rigor and high standards as the face-to-face programs. While the quality remains the same, some of the procedures are drastically different. Your courses may be completed at home, while stationed abroad, or on the road. The orientation modules below will help you prepare for a successful career at Nicholls State University.

What is Nicholls Online?

Getting Started

Technology and Resources Needed

University Student Support

Step 2: Orientation Webinar




Step 3: Sample Course

The course below will give you a sample of how most of your Nicholls Online courses will look. This is a Moodle course set up for you to look around in and get comfortable before your classes start. Eventually all of your courses will be listed on Moodle. The name of this course is Colonel Connection. The Final Quiz of this orientation will also be located on this page. After this, your Orientation will be complete. If you already have access to Moodle, email and we will enroll you in the course.

LINK: (will open in new window)

USERNAME: colonel.connection

PASSWORD: Colonel Tillou 1948 (exactly as written out)

Final Step: Quiz and Reward