Live Lecture Options

There are multiple ways to do a live synchronous chat session with your students where you can share your audio, your video, and your screen. We recommend Zoom for doing this. Zoom allows you to do a live session with your students AND record the session to playback later. We suggest that you do NOT upload a video to your Moodle course, but rather put it on YouTube and put the link on YouTube or upload the video to your Google Drive and use the external tool activity in Moodle to share the video with your students. 

Here are the Youtube instructions:  How to Youtube for Nicholls pt 2 Uploading your first video  

Here are the Google Drive/ Moodle instructions: Sharing Google Drive Files through your Moodle Course

Free Version:  100 participants; higher ed does have a 40 min time limit (schedule back to back sessions or click on the session link to return to dropped session). Make sure to sign up using your Nicholls email; recordings are available to download. Faculty/Staff can start using Zoom for free by logging in with their Nicholls Google account credentials.  Faculty should consider adding a password to avoid outside interference: Zoom Bombing.  Click on the link below  to sign up. 

Due to increased demand, dial-in by phone audio conferencing has been temporarily removed from free Basic accounts, so you and students must connect with computer audio and/or video.

Step-by-Step instructions (with photos) for logging in and getting started:

The Help Center has tons of videos and support links available here:


Tutorial Videos: (NSU Webinar; Windows7) (NSU Webinar; Windows10)


Live Training Webinars:

There are also live training webinars for those needing a demonstration of how the platform works:


More Videos from Zoom

Google Meets allows you to set meetings through your Google calendar and invite the participants through a calendar or email. The meetings have an extended time limit. You can also record these meetings. 

Requires a 24 hour waiting period to be able to go live as a streamer.

How to Livestream using YouTube:  

More Options for doing Live Video Lectures  (email for account information) 

Offers unlimited time limits plus recordings, 100 participants  (email Andrew Simoncelli if you want to get set up with a Nicholls account)


User guide: