Enhancement Program Discipline Rotation

Cycle I (FYs 2021-22, 2023-24) Cycle II (FYs 2022-23, 2024-25)
Engineering B
(Industrial, Materials, Mechanical)
Engineering A
(Chemical, Civil, Electrical)
Biological Sciences Chemistry
Health and Medical Sciences Computer and Information Sciences
Physics Business
Social Sciences Education
Humanities Earth and Environmental Sciences
Agricultural Sciences Arts
Astronomy Mathematics
Non-Disciplinary-Based Workforce* Non-Disciplinary-Based Workforce*

*The “Non-Disciplinary-Based Workforce” category includes any program that is designed to prepare students for a specific job and that falls outside of the traditional disciplines represented in Cycle I and Cycle II (e.g., aviation). This category is eligible every year. PROJECTS THAT INCLUDE WORKFORCE COMPONENTS BUT ARE ROOTED IN A DISCIPLINE ELIGIBLE IN EITHER COMPETITIVE CYCLE (E.G., nursing falls within Health and Medical Sciences) ARE NOT PERMITTED TO APPLY FOR THIS CATEGORY. INCORRECTLY SUBMITTED PROPOSALS MAY BE DISQUALIFIED.