Academic Summit

University of Louisiana System Academic Summit

The ULS Academic Summit is a University of Louisiana System two-day conference which includes all nine ULS universities. The Conference brings together students to focus on undergraduate research and service-learning. Scholars present their research, creativity, innovation, and exchange of ideas for advancement of our state.

Ninth Annual Academic Summit – April 2-3, 2020 on the campus of Northwestern State University.

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The following student abstracts and works of art (visual and preforming) were selected to be published in the ULS Academic Summit 2020 issue of undergraduate student works! The System Office and host organizer of the event at Northwestern Louisiana State University, Dr. Betsy Cochran will be the editors of the edition. It is anticipated that it will be completed and available on both the System and Northwestern’s website this summer.

Podium Talks
Emma Bourgeois, Health Science Preprofessional Major, Ms. Jennifer Plaisance (faculty mentor)
“The Effectiveness of Dry Needling in Lateral Epicondylitis”

Ethan Naquin, Biology Major, Dr. Raj Boopathy (faculty mentor)
“Presence of Multi-drug Resistant Pathogens and Antibiotic Resistance Genes in Waterways and Seafood Populations of Rural Southeast Louisiana, USA”

Zoe A. Cancienne, Interdisciplinary Studies Major, Dr. Todd Kennedy (faculty mentor)
“Reversing the Gaze: The Beguiled’s Critique of Mulvey”

Jack Bach, History Major, Dr. Stuart Tully (faculty mentor)
“Memes in Movements: How Memes Affected Societies Throughout History”

Kaylie Brinson, Nursing Major, Mrs. Meryn Olivier (faculty mentor)
“Increasing Medical-Surgical Nurse Retention Through Preceptor Training”

Poster Presentations
Stone Naquin, Chemistry-CHPR Major, Dr. Uttam Pokharel (faculty mentor)
“Synthesis of Ferrocene-bound Alpha Carbinols and Their Solvolysis Under Acidic Conditions”

Raul Falcon, Computer Information Systems Major, Dr. En Mao (faculty mentor)
“What Makes a Heart Patient Happy?”

Lydia Sayes, Digital Art Major, Dr. Deborah Cibelli (faculty mentor)
“The ‘Other’ Artists”

Kelsee Moran, Dietetics Major, Dr. Brigett Scott (faculty mentor)
“Are the Current Guidelines Set to Prevent Cross Contamination of Bacteria Effective at Controlling the Spread of Salmonella and Escherichia Coli?”

Hiba Soorya, Biology Major, Dr. Raj Boopathy (faculty mentor)
“Presence of Sulfonamide Resistant Bacteria in Thibodaux Sewage Treatment Plant”

Visual Art Work
Alvie Carter, Art Major, Ms. Deborah Lillie (faculty mentor)
Medium: Inkjet

Skylar Davis, Art Major, Mr. Ross Jahnke (faculty mentor)
It’ll Be Fun
Medium: Stone Lithograph

Kaitlin Stevens, Art Major, Mr. Joseph Holsapple (faculty mentor)
Medium: Oil on Board

Grace Champagne, Art Major, Ms. Trisha Rabalais (faculty mentor)
Foxes of Samson
Medium: Giclee Print

April Olivier, Art Major, Ms. Gaither Pope (faculty mentor)
Medium: Charcoal

Performing Artist
Scarlett Ellender, Liberal Arts in Music Major, Dr. Luciana Soares (faculty mentor)
Rhapsody, Op. 79 No. 1 by Johannes Brahms (1833-1897)