Assessment Activities

The Office of Student Affairs conducts regular and program-specific assessment activities designed to produce data relative to the degree of effectiveness, usage, outcomes and efficiency of its services and programs. Assessment activities are also conducted to identify needs, level of satisfaction and other factors which influence the retention of students. Current assessment methods utilized at the division level include:

  • ACT Student Satisfaction Survey
  • CAS (The Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education) Program Review
  • Staff Evaluation Surveys
  • Annual Planning Process
  • Student Affairs Advisory Committee
  • Review of Student Affairs Planning Principles and 5-year Divisional Goals
  • University of Louisiana System Institutional Presidents’ Evaluation

Each unit completes planning and assessment activities tailored to its mission, goals and service activities. The mission and goals of each unit are aligned in ascending order with the Planning Principles of the Office of Student Affairs and Enrollment Services and the mission of the university. Assessment results are used to modify programs and services, develop annual and long term goals and help align activities with the university’s recruitment and retention plans. See unit Web sites for specific planning and assessment activities.