A Few Reminders Regarding Parking



During Hours of Restriction, Commuter Students may only park in parking lots, including lots near Barker Hall and at the Stadium, with a proper permit displayed. Commuter students may also park on any campus street marked with gray or unpainted curbing with a proper permit displayed. Students attending night classes only must purchase and properly display a current parking permit. Visitors to Brady Complex MUST register with that office AT ALL TIMES.


During Hours of Restriction, Residence Hall Students may only park near any Residence Hall (including Family Housing and Brady Complex). Proper parking permit must be displayed.


During hours of restriction, Faculty/Staff may only park in faculty/staff zones identified by red curbing. Proper parking permit is required.


Visitors may park in identified visitor parking spaces on campus. If coming to campus for a specific activity, the sponsoring office will issue parking instructions to visitors.

  • Citations are issued during every semester, intersession, summer school and during night classes.
  • Every vehicle on campus must have a parking permit. Visitors can obtain one from University Police or the Office of Parking Services.
  • Handicap parking requires a state handicap tag AND a Nicholls handicap permit. You can not use handicap areas as unloading/loading zones.
  • Yellow “No Parking” zones are not loading/unloading zones.
  • The west side of Bowie Road is a no parking zone.
  • The area by the post office is a no parking zone.
  • Faculty/Staff permits are movable from one vehicle to another but vehicles must be registered.
  • If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Parking Services or refer to your parking manual.
  • Bought a new car? Be sure to remove your parking permit to swap for another. Otherwise, you may be charged for another permit.
  • Be sure to read the parking manual for all parking regulations.