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Successful Graduates

Tamarris Durham (’10)
Deepwater Regulatory Specialist
Tamarris_DurhamAfter about 10 years in the oil field, Tamarris Durham decided to get a degree that would further his career in the field, and Nicholls turned out the be the perfect place. Our university offers unique coursework that allows those in the oil field to continue their education while working.“So the oil field is kind of divided—you have the drilling folk, you have the production folk that produce the oil and gas after it’s drilled, and you have those folk that service the oil field,” Tamarris said. “Our program here [at Nicholls] is kind of a combination of all that. It takes a person that has no knowledge of the oil field and walks them out of the doors having knowledge of how the oil field works.”Click to read more about Tamarris…

Page Durocher (’00)
Health, Safety & Environmental Manager
Oil States


While Page Durocher started at Nicholls, because he was from the area, he felt easily distracted. To focus on his academics, Page left to attend the University of New Orleans, where he graduated in 1994 with a bachelor’s degree in biology. It wouldn’t be very long, however, before he returned to his home.

“Then I moved to Texas for a few years, and I worked for Texas Parks and Wildlife, and had the opportunity to come back to Houma and work as an environmental manager for an oil field service company,” Page said. “So I took that opportunity and it soon became evident that while the environmental part of the job was important, it wasn’t as critical as the safety of the people that were involved in that manufacturing facility. And it was the precursor to the company that I’m working for now, Oil States.”

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Christian Falcon (’08)
Senior Account Manager
Superior Energy Services

Christian_FalconChristian Falcon credits Nicholls with being able to see his family more often. Before he finished his degree at Nicholls, Christian worked everything from seven and seven to 14 and 14 to 28 and 28.

In 2008, Christian earned a bachelor’s degree in petroleum technology and an associates degree in petroleum safety.“I like my job,” Christian said. “I’m home every night if I want to be. I don’t have to be on the rigs anymore. I put 15 years in the field away from my family half the year, but now I don’t have to do that anymore. It’s a direct result of my degree.”

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Herbie Kimble (’75)
Development Manager
C&D Production


Herbie Kimble’s Nicholls education not only helped him network with future customers and begin to form business relationships, it helped him start his career.

As the business development manager for C & D productions, Herbie is in charge of finding new clientele and expanding the business. “We have offices across the country and my job is to identify new prospects and new customers,” Herbie said. “We provide contract labor, personnel to oil and gas producers. My job is to identify customers who use our services to grow the business.”

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Jeff Ledet (’11)
Training Manager
Oil States

Jeff_LedetWith a Nicholls degree in hand, Jeff Ledet was able to progress more readily in his field.

It gave him the confidence he needed to excel as a training manager at Oil States.After working about a year in the oil field, Jeff was encouraged by his employer to pursue a higher education, so that’s just what he did.

In 2011, Jeff finished with an associate’s degree in Safety Technology. Jeff was able to keep his job while he was in school, and that was important for him.

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