Herbie Kimble


Herbie Kimble (’75)

Herbie Kimble’s Nicholls education not only helped him network with future customers and begin to form business relationships, it helped him start his career.

As the business development manager for C & D productions, Herbie is in charge of finding new clientele and expanding the business.

“We have offices across the country and my job is to identify new prospects and new customers,” Herbie said. “We provide contract labor, personnel to oil and gas producers. My job is to identify customers who use our services to grow the business.”

Herbie’s received a degree in business administration from Nicholls, and it laid the foundation for his future job in the oil field. Nicholls allowed Herbie to foster relationships with future customers for C & D. It also allowed Herbie to network and foster relationships with these customers and others in his field.

Other than a great education and plenty of networking opportunities, Nicholls did one more thing for Herbie.

“Actually, someone from Nicholls hired me. I grew up in New Orleans and I met a guy that was looking for someone to work in Morgan City,” Herbie said. “And 35 years ago, I moved to Patterson to go to work in the oil field, and that was it. He was working in the oil field, and I answered an ad. I came to find out he was a Nicholls graduate. So I worked with him for probably 15 years before he retired.”

Being a Nicholls graduate is precisely what landed Herbie his first job in the field.