Jeff Ledet


Jeff Ledet (’11)

With a Nicholls degree in hand, Jeff Ledet was able to progress more readily in his field. It gave him the confidence he needed to excel as a training manager at Oil States.

After working about a year in the oil field, Jeff was encouraged by his employer to pursue a higher education, so that’s just what he did. In 2011, Jeff finished with an associate’s degree in Safety Technology. Jeff was able to keep his job while he was in school, and that was important for him.

“Having that opportunity to work and go to school kind of makes it a little easier because you’re actually doing what you’re going to study for,” Jeff said. “Most of the stuff you use in class, you can also use on the job.”

The relevance of his coursework to his job made school easy to relate to, and it was applicable to what Jeff was working on. He was able to gain more background knowledge about the field he was in and that allowed Jeff to advance in his position. The health and programming class that Jeff took proved to be especially helpful for him. It went over adult learning principles, classroom styles, and it was presentation based. While in the class, students worked with PowerPoint frequently and presented in front of the class and crowds.

As a training manager, Jeff gives presentations at least once weekly, from anywhere from 10 to 300 people. This class made Jeff feel more comfortable while giving his presentations. It gave him the experience he needed to be confident in his public speaking abilities.

“Actually I still use some of my notes [from Nicholls] for the training aspect,” Jeff said. “Now I’m a training manager…. We keep people safe, and we teach people how to keep themselves safe.”