Engineering Technology vs. Engineering


What is Petroleum Engineering Technology and how is it different from Engineering?

Basically engineering focuses on theory and conceptual design, while engineering technology focuses on application and implementation.

Our programs will educate students on the upstream portion of the industry – drilling, production and safety.  This program will prepare students:

  • for elevated management positions in drilling, production operations, well services and completion or the service and supply component in the oil and gas industry
  • in areas safety, health and environmental segments of any industry

Our courses expose students to multi-segmented aspects of the industry in these areas:

  1. Exploration (Drilling and Completions) – the initial phase of searching of oil and gas. Next, the well is drilled and then completed. This phase has a business organizational structure and critical safety aspects which are presented in a similar way through the PETSM curriculum.
  2. Production – the next phase where oil and gas are extracted.
  3. Well Services (workover and intervention) – highly specialized and complex intervention methods performed throughout the lifecycle of a well. PETSM courses engage students in the operations required to enhance well production safely and efficiently.
  4.  Plug and Abandonment – the permanent closing of a well. PETSM courses include common regulatory requirements for safe and environmental surety of well closures.
  5.  Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) – An aspect present in all areas of the industry. Adherence to HSE guidelines is required worldwide and dictated by internal policies of most corporations.

The PETSM curriculum goes beyond compliance to personal safety requirements and prepares graduates to effectively manage safety systems. Our courses are designed to promote opportunities as professional HSE specialist, HSE consultants, and HSE engineers.

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