Henry C. Foust, Jr.


Petroleum Engineering Technology & Safety Management

H. Clyde Foust, after earning a degree in petroleum engineering from what is now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, worked for Texaco, Inc. as a drilling engineer, reservoir engineer, and facility engineer, both on- and off-shore, before becoming chief engineer for Fluor Drilling Company.

Mr. Foust then became president of TAC, a research and development corporation that successfully developed several patents. One of the patents was a device to clean drilling wastes. Mr. Foust was later Production Superintendent for Exchange Oil and Gas, a division of Georgia-Pacific, with supervisory duties over all aspects of engineers and field personnel. After the sale of Exchange, Mr. Foust became involved in water treatment, during which time he developed equipment for the treatment of hazardous waste, including drilling waste and effluents.


Ph.D. Loyola Law School (in progress)
B.S. University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Courses taught:

PSET 121 — Petroleum Computational Methods
PSET 131 — Reservoir Fluids
PSET 302 — Intercultural¬†Communications
PSET 305 — Economics of Petroleum Industries
PSET 371 — Drilling Fluids
PSET 452 — Senior Seminar


USEPA Conference Presentation
Numerous Paper in Technical Water Journals

Contact Info:

327 Gouaux Hall