Nicholls Online vs. Traditional Nicholls

Nicholls Online

  • 100% online instruction
  • 8 week terms, 5 terms per calendar year
  • Can take a max of 9 hours per term
  • Degree offered – Associates of Science in Safety Technology
  • Some coursework that will go toward the other two degrees can be taken through Nicholls Online, but the degree cannot fully be earned strictly online.
  • Tuition and Fees – Click here
  • Schedule of Classes – Click here
  • Courses can be extended after the 8-week term for both personal and exceptional circumstances.  The extension can be as long as 6 months.  Personal circumstances have a $100 fee per month associated with the extension.
  • Students must contact to be enrolled in classes.

For more information, click here.

 Traditional Nicholls

  • Courses are taught in class and online – In class courses (PSET and SATC courses only) are offered in the 7/7 format (which will work for 14/14 too).  A student basically has to attend class once a week. For 14/14, the student will watch the lectures missed online while he/she is offshore. Lectures are recorded and uploaded to the internet.
  • 16 week traditional semesters, 8 week summers
  • Can take a max of 18 hours per semester
  • Tuition and Fees – Click here
  • Degrees offered – Associates of Safety Technology, Associates of Petroleum Services, Bachelors of Petroleum Services
  • Extensions are not offered. A grade of I may be given for work which could not be completed because of circumstances beyond the student’s control and will not be given to a student doing unsatisfactory work.
  • Students enroll themselves through Banner.


*Students can NOT be enrolled in Nicholls Online courses and traditional Nicholls courses in the same semester.