Safety Technology Careers


Protecting America’s work force, the general public and the environment from injury and illness in today’s age of technological and scientific advancement has become one of the most challenging and rewarding career field available. The safety professional has the responsibility for studying materials, structures, codes and operations to find the best way to use resources to control hazards, those things which can lead to accidents, illness, fires, explosions, etc. Starting annual salaries $60,000.

0419-safety-technology-30.JPGThe safety technology program prepares its students for technical- and management-oriented positions in:

  • businesses,
  • education,
  • research organizations,
  • government agencies and
  • industries, such as:
    • construction
    • energy
    • chemical
    • manufacturing
    • shipyard
    • marine transportation
    • insurance
    • marine
    • petroleum

The oil and gas industry, which drives the economic base the state and nation, embraces a culture of safe and environmentally friendly exploration, development, construction and distribution of the nation’s oil and gas supply. The protection of social and economic losses resulting from accidents in the oil and gas industry is a challenge Louisiana and the nation — a challenge being met by the safety technology program at Nicholls by providing qualified and competent safety technologists.

Students are prepared for positions as:

  • compliance officer,
  • safety engineer,
  • health and safety manager,
  • loss control specialist,
  • trainer,
  • program administrator,
  • inspector and
  • investigator.