Crimes Occurring On Campus

Students are encouraged to report all criminal activity which they have witnessed or in which they have been involved. They may report to any officer, dispatcher, the chief or captain of University Police. They may also report to the following persons who have significant responsibility for student and campus activities:

  • Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Dean of Student Life
  • Student Judicial Officer
  • Director of Athletics
  • Student Union Director
  • Director of Enrollment Services
  • Director of Campus Recreation
  • Director of Residential Services
  • Director of University Counseling Center
  • Director of Financial Aid
  • Coordinator of Student Activities
  • Director of Bands
  • Director of Student Publications and Printing
  • Director of University Health Services
  • Director of Testing
  • Coordinator of Student Educators and Leaders
  • Advisers of student organizations
  • Coordinator of Student Educators and Leaders
  • Director of International Student Affairs
  • Adviser for KNSU and KNTV
  • Adviser for the Judicial Board
  • Director of the School of Fine Arts
  • Director of the Nicholls Players
  • Faculty who oversee the theater and music performance programs
  • Assistant Director of Residential Services
  • Assistant Director of Union Services and Facilities
  • Assistant Director of International Student Services
  • Residence Hall Directors
  • Student residence houseparents
  • All coaches
  • Director of Student Services/Counseling
  • Director of Residential Services
  • Student Life Coordinator/Greek Advisor
  • Coordinator for Student Organizations

These officials will report the incident immediately to the Department of University Police, which will investigate the report sufficiently to conclude that a crime either did or did not occur. If University Police concludes that a crime took place, it will publish a report of that crime in two ways:

  1. an initial crime report available to the media and the public in the Daily Crime Log, maintained by the Office of University Police;
  2. a “Crime Alert” bulletin posted widely and circulated by on-campus FAX machines, e-mail and internal mail to all departments.