Special Events Parking Reservation Form

Date of Event:
Actual Beginning Time of Event: Ending Time:
Name of Event:
Location of Event:
(On- Campus/Off-Campus) Sponsoring Department/Group:

Name of Contact Person:Telephone: Fax:
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Email Address:
Department Account Number to be Charged (On Campus Sponsor):
If you are a university department requesting PAID PARKING, you must also submit an overtime form with an authorizing signature to The University Police Department.
Services Requested:
I request that a parking lot be reserved for this event and will pay the charges for personnel assigned to secure and monitor the parking spaces. I understand that charges will begin prior to the event start time as needed to secure and monitor the lot.

Requested Parking Areas:(Choices of parking lots that can be reserved)
Day Events (8:00am to 4:30pm) Night Events (4:30pm till...)
 Leave blank if you selected above that you did not want to reserve a lot


Estimated Number of Vehicles: Cars:Buses:Loading Zones Needed:YesNo
Explanation of parking/unloading needs

I do not want to reserve a lot for this event. I would like visitor passes sent to me. I will be responsible for distributing visitor passes for this event (Email/mail the passes to the above address). Request must be made at least two weeks in advance.
by selecting here, you are stating that you DO NOT want to reserve a lot.

I understand that a lot will not be reserved for events requiring less than 40 spaces. Visitor parking passes will be issued to the event sponsor. I understand that Parking Services must be contacted by email: parking@nicholls.edu or phone (985)448-4942 to have passes issued. Request must be made at least two weeks in advance.
I agree and understand the above

Any designated street parking, requests for less than forty spaces, or any additional special requests will require approval by the Parking Office
Justification of special requests: