Strategic Plan


The vision of the Nicholls State University Police Department is through community policing using initiative, creativity providing solutions and creating partnerships within the University environment and within our community. We have a commitment to service for the leaders of today and tomorrow.


The Nicholls State University Police Department is committed to providing the best law enforcement services to the university’s students, faculty, staff and visiting community supporters. The department has a “commitment to service” to the leaders of today and tomorrow. In providing a safe and secure environment, Nicholls students can concentrate on reaching their educational goals of graduating and fulfilling the college experience. To secure that this experience takes place, University Police must maintain a proactive and progressive department that is responsive to the needs of Nicholls students and to support the university’s overall mission with an emphasis on providing high-quality, well-utilized programs and services that facilitate the academic success and personal development of Nicholls students.


We commit ourselves to maintain the highest standard of moral and ethical behavior in our professional and private lives. We value the diversity of our community and will treat all members with dignity, courtesy and professionalism. We will be accountable to the community we serve for the professional performance of our duties and always be mindful of the trust bestowed upon us by the community.


  • To provide a 24-hour and 7-day-per-week patrol by law enforcement officers, maintaining the safety and security of our campus, to assist the students in enhancing their learning process and to create a secure atmosphere.
  • To continually educate and train our officers in order to offer a better service to our students.
  • To continue to develop and maintain a community policing philosophy within our department while working with the Nicholls campus and community to find solutions to problems that are handled by the Department of University Police.
  • To improve and maintain a service-oriented police department while reducing response time and enhancing the overall quality of service.