Police and Parking Services Goals

Annual Goals

 Primary Goals

  • To provide a 24-hour and 7-day-per-week patrol by law enforcement officers, maintaining the safety and security of our campus, to assist the students in enhancing their learning process and to create a secure atmosphere.
  • To continually educate and train our officers in order to offer a better service to our students.
  • To continue to develop and maintain a community policing philosophy within our department while working with the Nicholls campus and community to find solutions to problems that are handled by the Department of University Police.
  • To improve and maintain a service-oriented police department while reducing response time and enhancing the overall quality of service.



1. Change the office hours allowing Parking Services to open at 7:00 am in the morning.
Student Outcome: Students will have more time to get a decal before classes start to prevent them from getting tickets for not having a parking decal.  Done
Assessment: Hours were adjusted to have parking staff available at times suited for students.

2. Update the Parking Decals to represent a university building.
Student Outcome: Students will be able to identify campus buildings.  Done
Assessment: Decals showcase Elkins Hall

3. Evaluate the parking spaces on campus to add student spaces near the academic buildings.
Student Outcome: Students can park legally next class rooms and should receive fewer tickets.   Done
Assessment: 36 additional parking spaces were added for students on Acadian Drive and Madewood Drive.

4. Improve the Parking Office counters to give individual ample room to write and conduct business.
Student Outcome: Students will have adequate space to perform their business.  Done
Assessment: A new counter was installed at the Parking Services window.

5. To purchase new barricades for parking events.
Student Outcome: Students will be able to identify parking lots that are closed and should receive fewer tickets.  Done
Assessment: 30 barricades were added to the inventory.

6. Improve the brochures for Parking Services and create an information board for the individuals to be informed.
Student Outcome: Students will have the current contact information and data on Parking Services. Done
Assessment: Information about Parking Services was added to the website.