4.6. Position Classification

The class title allocated to the position which an employee fills was authorized by the State Department of Civil Service, and this title will be used on all official records and communications. Within the University colleges, divisions, departments or sections, it is permissible to use unofficial titles.

The duties and responsibilities assigned to an employee’s position are itemized on an official Civil Service Position Description Form (SF–3). Supervisors will provide any additional information relating to the position and will inform employees of specific departmental policies and procedures.

Position descriptions generally contain an accurate itemization of duties and responsibilities; however, the absence of a specific task related to the position does not exclude its performance. If changes in the organization and distribution of work result in a significant alteration of the duties and responsibilities as described in the Position Description Form, it is suggested that you discuss the matter with your supervisor. It may be appropriate to update the position description or to make an appeal for reallocation of the position for consideration by the Department of Civil Service. If the Department of Civil Service determines that a different official allocation must be made for a particular position, then the position is reallocated to another class. This could result in either a promotion, demotion, or reassignment. Job descriptions are updated every five years or as duties and responsibilities change.



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