1.14.1. General Operating Procedures for Academic, University, and Faculty Senate Standing Committees Minutes Chair Selection Ex Officio Members Quorum Timelines for Elections and Appointments Appointment of Faculty Representatives Student Membership Subcommittees Chair Review Submissions Modifications Release time for Committee Chairs

Academic Standing Committees: (Section 1.14.2)

Academic Appeals Committee
Continuing Education Committee
Courses and Curricula Committee
General Education Committee
Graduate Council
Grievance Committee
Honors Committee
Human Subjects Institutional Review Board
Library Committee
Research Council
University–wide Promotion and Tenure Appeals Committee
University Required Education Committee

University Standing Committees: (Section 1.14.3)

Athletics Council
Budget Committee
Compliance Committee
Discipline Committee
Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)
Parking Appeals Committee
Scholarship Committee
Social and Community Concerns Committee
Student Media Committee
Student Organizations Committee
Distance Learning Committee
Parking Policy Committee
Policy and Procedure Manual Committee
Research and Sponsored Projects Committee
Space Utilization Board
R1/R2 Committee

Faculty Senate Standing Committees: (Section

Committee on Committees
Executive Committee
Faculty Welfare Committee Minutes

Each committee shall keep minutes of each meeting and shall disseminate those minutes expeditiously (normally within 5 working days, but not to exceed 10 working days). Minutes shall be provided to all members of the committee, the officer or group to which the committee reports, the Office of the President, the Faculty Senate President, the Faculty Senate Vice–President, and to the University Archives.

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Each committee shall choose from its membership a chair at its first regularly scheduled meeting but no later than September 15 of each year. Academic Standing Committees shall be convened by the Committee on Committees in order to elect a chair and set a committee’s first agenda. The officer to whom a University Standing Committee reports shall call the first meeting of a committee for the purpose of electing a chair, except in those cases in which chairs are appointed, and setting a first agenda. University Standing Committees shall elect as chair any member excluding ex officio members of the committee. Academic Standing Committees shall elect as chair any faculty member serving on the committee excluding ex officio members. Faculty Senate Standing Committees shall elect as chair any member serving on the committee. All committee chairs shall have full voting and speaking privileges. The Faculty Senate Vice–President will be informed of and invited to attend all first committee meetings to charge each committee with its responsibilities.

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Ex officio members of the committees, unless otherwise specified, shall have speaking and voting privileges. If an individual serves as an ex officio member of a committee in more than one capacity, that individual shall have but one vote.

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Presence of a majority of the voting members of a committee shall constitute a quorum.

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Elections of faculty within each academic unit and nominations by the Committee on Committees shall be completed before May 1 each year. Faculty shall be notified of vacancies one month prior to elections or appointmentsto fill such vacancies. Faculty shall be appointed to committees by appointing officers before the end of the Spring Semester each year. Faculty, staff, and administrative representatives to a committee, unless otherwise specified, shall be elected/selected for two–year (24 month) terms. The terms of faculty representatives to each committee shall be staggered so that committee membership is elected/selected as close to one–half as possible each year.

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If there is no candidate for a position requiring an elected faculty representative to a committee, the Committee on Committees shall appoint the requisite faculty representative(s).

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When student membership is specified for a committee, those student members shall be appointed by the Student Government Association (SGA) President for one–year terms.

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Each committee shall have the authority to form subcommittees for the purposes contained in the charge to that committee and to invite other members of the University community to meet with the committee.

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The committee chair shall review committee minutes from previous semesters to identify issues and concerns and provide committee continuity.

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In addition to maintaining and distributing minutes, each committee shall submit its recommendations and actions in writing to the University administrator to whom it reports as indicated in the description of the committee. If the committee reports to the Faculty Senate, the recommendations must be submitted at least ten (10) working days before the next scheduled Senate meeting. The University administrator to whom a committee or the Faculty Senate reports shall respond to that committee or the Faculty Senate expeditiously (but within no more than twenty [20] working days) or within a time mutually agreed upon by the Senate Executive Committee and the University President.

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Any modification to these General Operating Procedures shall be mutually agreed upon by a majority of the Faculty Senate and the President of the University.

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Release time shall be granted to equal one course (three credit hours) for faculty holding the following positions: faculty senate president, Courses and Curriculum Chair (fall semester only), General Education Assessment Chair, and the Quality Enhancement Plan Chair; as these positions require significant time commitment beyond the normal service component outlined in the normal scope of work for the university.

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