1.14.5. Task Forces, Study Groups, and Special Advisory Committees

Task forces, study groups, special advisory committees, and similar ad hoc groups formed to solve specific problems or receive assigned tasks shall not be official governance bodies of the University. All such bodies derive their authority from the University Standing Committees, Academic Standing Committees, or individuals or groups to whom they report. Ad hoc committees shall establish operating procedures by consensus of the membership (policies and procedures should generally conform to the guidelines in this document).

Neither academic ad hoc groups nor Academic Standing Committees may be appointed by administration to supplant official standing committees. However, when administration finds it advisable to initiate study of academic issues tangentially related to one or more Academic Standing Committees, the following procedure should be followed: 1) a conference with Senate President to determine which, if any, Standing Committee(s) could have an interest in the issue; 2) where such an interest is found, appointment by the Senate President of a member of the appropriate Senate committee(s) to membership in the ad hoc group.



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