2011-2016 Strategic Plan


Nicholls State University is a student-centered regional institution dedicated to the education of a diverse student body in a culturally rich and engaging learning environment through quality teaching, research, and service. Nicholls supports the educational, cultural, and economic needs of its service region and cultivates productive, responsible, and engaged citizens.


Nicholls State University will be the institution of choice for students in the service region and beyond as a result of the quality of programs, the dedication to individual student needs, and the national recognition of unique programs and services.


Nicholls State University supports values that promote citizenship, concern for self and others, and the desire for a better world by embracing as its core values:

  • Civic Responsibility: We use our time and talents to serve our community.
  • Diversity: We embrace unique perspectives that all individuals bring to the learning environment.
  • Excellence: We reach for the highest level of achievement in all activities.
  • Integrity: We expect fairness and truthfulness in all instances.
  • Leadership: As representatives of the university, we embrace our role as leaders.
  • Respectfulness: We respect the rights of others and are responsive to the needs of others.
  • Responsibility: We are accountable for our actions.

Strategic Goals:

  1. Increase the level of educational attainment for students.
  2. Cultivate research that engages faculty and students seeking knowledge in areas of common interest.
  3. Achieve greater accountability, efficiency, and effectiveness across campus.
  4. Continue the university’s collaboration with business, education, and service entities to meet regional workforce needs and to provide cultural enrichment and service to the community.
  5. Invest strategically in university employees to enhance customer service and sense of pride in the university.