Program Structure

1030-psychology-lab-01.JPGThe undergraduate psychology program can be viewed as a hierarchy of four levels, roughly corresponding to the freshmen, sophomore, junior and senior years:

Level I. Introductory Psychology: An introduction to the discipline for potential majors and non-majors.

Level II. Statistics and Research Methods: Emphasis is placed on critical thinking, data acquisition and analysis, language skills, problem solving and interpretation of empirical research. Preparation for empirically-based and knowledge base courses.

Level III. Knowledge Base Courses:
(Physiological Psychology, Abnormal, Psychological Testing, Learning, Career Planning, History and Systems)

Level IV. Capstone: (Psychology 401). A course for graduating seniors requiring:

  • a senior project to be presented to other students and faculty in oral and/or written formats and
  • a series of locally constructed examinations and a nationally standardized examination demonstrating proficiency in both skills and knowledge.

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