The psychology departmental, instructional, clinical and research facilities occupy the second floor of Polk Hall. 0503-psych-training-clinic-05.jpgThe facilities include:

  • eight individual counseling/testing rooms with updated color video and audio monitoring equipment,
  • a group counseling/staff room,
  • an experimental psychology laboratory,
  • a departmental conference room,
  • a resource room containing occupational/educational materials and
  • a client waiting room.

Undergraduate research laboratory suite

The Department of Psychology, Counseling and Family Studies features a well-equipped laboratory suite dedicated solely to the support of undergraduate research. In addition to a wide variety of equipment available for experimentation using human subjects, the laboratory is recognized by the USDA as a Class R animal research facility. It includes a vivarium as well as appropriate equipment for use in research in psychopharmacology, biological psychology, sleep deprivation and operant conditioning.