Q: Will I get paid if I work in Student Publications?
A: Yes. Working in Student Publications is considered a campus job. Different positions have different pay scales.

Q: I am a first-semester freshman and I like to write. Can I work in Student Publications if I don’t have experience?
A: Definitely! We encourage students to join us as freshmen on campus. You’ll receive ongoing training as a member of our staff. And, by joining early, you’ll have plenty of time to experiment with various positions and gain a wide range of experience!

Q: I am a biology major, but I love to take pictures in my spare time. Can I work in Student Publications even though I am not a communication major?
A: Yes. We accept students from any major and classification. No matter what career you choose after you graduate, your work in Student Publications will have made you a more marketable candidate with the ability to multi-task, work on a deadline and participate as a member of a team.

Q: I like to write and take pictures, but I’d also like to try ad sales. How do I decide which job to apply for?
A: One of the greatest things about working in Student Publications is the variety. You can apply to be a reporter this semester, a photographer next semester and still try advertising sales after that. Many students begin working in Student Publications early in their college career and try several different positions before they graduate. You have the opportunity to get lots of experience here!

Q: Will working in Student Publications help me to get a job when I graduate?
A: Absolutely! By working in Student Publications you’ll be able to build a great portfolio. By getting this experience under your belt, you’ll become a marketable candidate for any job. Some of our graduates have gone on to become professors, professional news writers, award-winning photojournalists, doctors, lawyers, novelists and professionals in a number of fields.

Q: What do I have to gain by working here?
A: Not only will you gain a fabulous education and marketable work experience, you’ll make life-long friends and get to know people at Nicholls that you may have never met otherwise.