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Elkins Hall at Nicholls State University, Thibodaux, LA.

Principal Investigator
Rajkumar Nathaniel, PhD
Our Team

Andrew Oncale
Claire Pitre
Kamanyi Ghislain
Melody Becnel

Angela Corbin
Angie is our resident microbiologist. She is a licensed  Medical Technologist and has extensive experience working in a clinical setting. Legend has it that she can "identify bugs growing on a plate, by just taking a whiff"! (CV, Faculty webpage, email

Michele Robichaux
Michele is a dentist by profession, who found her calling in teaching students.  She is an excellent histologist. Legend has it that students of her Advanced Anatomy class, do very well in that class in medical/dental school. (CV, Faculty webpage, email).

John Doucet
John is a geneticist, who is also fond of poetry and writing among other things.

Raj Nathaniel
Raj is also a Microbiologist by training.
(CV, Faculty webpage, email)

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