Nicholls Cycling Heads to National Championships

Nicholls State Cycling Heads to National Championships in Asheville, NC


Nicholls State Cycling’s Catherine Gauthier will race in this weekend’s (May 8-10) Collegiate Road National Championships in Asheville, NC. Gauthier will compete in the 50 mile long road race and the 50 minute criterium.


The Road Race will take racers over climbs as high as 2,200 feet and will feature a strong field of racers including current Women’s Division 2 Road Race Champion Allison Arensman of Brevard College, North Carolina and current US National Team member Hannah Swan. Swan will ride for Milligan College, Tennessee.


The criterium will take place on .84 mile course featuring five corners in downtown Asheville, NC.


Gauthier is in her second and final year of collegiate bicycle racing. Nicholls State faculty advisor Dr. Scott Banville said, “Catherine has progress so fast as a cyclist. She has great fitness, loves to compete, and doesn’t get skittish in a big pack of riders.” Gauthier will be the only woman from Louisiana at the National Championships, which is a real coup for Nicholls.


Gauthier, who hails from Quebec, Canada, set a goal of going to the National Championships and worked hard and raced against stellar competition in the South Central Collegiate Cycling Conference all spring. “I knew I could have stayed in Women’s B and won a lot of races, but I wanted to qualify for the National Championships and challenge myself, so I upgraded to Women’s A,” said Gauthier. “It was a challenge all season, but I got faster and became a better race with each race,” she continued.


Nicholls State Cycling is a club sport, which means it is open to any student. It is supported by Nicholls Campus Recreation and a wide range of community supporters.


The Collegiate Road National Championships are sanctioned by USA Cycling.


For more information about Collegiate Road National Championships:


Contact: Scott Banville, 985-227-1787,




Nicholls Cycling Notches Wins at LSU – March 22-23, 2014


Following up on a successful race weekend at Texas State Ultra Road
Race on March 13-14, 2014 in San Marcos where Nicholls racers finished
on the podium in every race, the Club traveled to St. Francisville and
Baton Rogue to compete against teams from across the south, including
LSU and Tulane.

First year racer Catherine Gauthier dominated the weekend of racing by
winning two of the three races–the road race and the individual time
trial. Despite doing so, a third place finish in Sunday’s critierium
around the state capitol grounds–won by Tulane’s Danielle Legeai meant
that Catherine finished in second overall for the weekend, one point
behind Legeai.

In Saturday’s road race in St. Francisville, featuring the infamous
“Red Bug Hill” less than a mile from the finish, Gauthier marked her
time, letting Tulane’s Legeai who finished second and Nicole Coetzer
from Midwestern State who finished third show their hands in the final
kilometer. With about 600 meters to the finish, Guathier exploded
around Legeai and Coetzer and sprinted to the finish with the win in
convincing fashion. Reflecting on her win, Gauthier said, “This is
only the beginning of a long story!!!,” meaning it is but the first of
what are sure to be many victories in cycling.

Gauthier’s teammate Katelyn Daigle, who raced hard across the hills of
St. Francisville, cruised to a 5th place finish just behind 4th place
finisher Claire Fisher of Midwestern State.

Later in the day, Gautier dominated in the individual time trial,
covering the hilly 3.8 mile course in 10 minutes and 13 seconds, 7
seconds ahead of second place finisher Danielle Legeai of Tulane.

Not to be outdone by his teammate, veteran racer Jonathan Comeaux also
dominated the time trial, winning the event by 18 seconds over Timothy
Dwyer of LSU. Following up on a strong road race performance, Allan
Brambila crossed the line in 7th place, followed by his teammate
Jordan Stadler in 8th. First time racers Chris Dugas, Charles Belleau,
and Ian Shows finished 12th, 13th, and 15th.

Earlier in the day, Jonathan Comeaux, who skillfully avoided a near
collision on Red Bug Hill, chased down three escapees to finish second
in the road race, being edged out by Timothy Dwyer of LSU. Caught up
in the same near collision caused by two University of Arkansas
riders, Allan Brambila managed his first top ten finish coming across
the line in 9th. First year racer Jordan Stadler, who spent much of
the early part of the race working to control the aggressive riding by
the University of Arkansas and the attempts by LSU to push the pace,
came across the line in 13th, out sprinting Bilal Blait of LSU and
Matt Brumett of the University of Arkansas. First time racers Charles
Belleau, Ian Shows, and Chris Dugas 16th, 20th, and 21st.

On a misty and rainy Sunday at the Louisiana State Capitol, the
Nicholls racers again proved their mettle. Jonathan Comeaux, racing in
the Men’s D race took both bonus point laps only to be outsprinted at
the line by LSU’s Timothy Dwyer. “I had a gap on him after taking the
bonus points on the next to last lap, but I let him come back to me. I
guess I should have gambled and tried to really ride away from him on
the last lap,” said Comeaux after the race. Comeaux’s efforts earned
him a 2nd place finish overall for the weekend. Jordan Stadler powered
to a 7th place finish, crossing line with his teammate Charles Belleau
and LSU’s Brendan Costner. “Charles showed a lot of character and grit
to finish in the top ten despite going down in the second corner of
the first lap in a crash caused the over aggressive riding of the
University of Arkansas,” said faculty advisor Dr. Scott Banville.
Slowed by the same crash–but managing to keep himself upright in an
impressive show of bike handling skill, Allan Brambilla finished 13th.

In a hotly contested Women’s race, characterized by attacks and
counter attacks as well as some nifty team tactics by Midwestern
State, Catherine Gauthier raced to a 3rd place finish just behind
Danielle Legeai of Tulane and Nicole Coetzer of Midwestern State.
“Coming out of the last corner, the two Midwestern riders kind of
boxed me out. I had to go around the inside instead of the faster line
to the outside,” said Gauthier. Her teammate, Katelyn Daigle who
worked throughout the race to counter the moves by the Midwestern
State riders, came in 5th, 30 seconds behind the leaders after
dropping off on the last hill before the finish.

Overall, Catherine Gauthier finished 2nd in the weekend’s standing,
finishing one point behind Danielle Legeai. Jonahtan Comeaux finished
2nd, behind Timothy Dwyer of LSU. Jordan Stadler ended the weekend in
7th place, followed by his teammate Allan Brambila in 8th. First time
racer Charles Belleau finished 15th and Chris Dugas finished 17th.
Katelyn Daigle finished 5th. “In addition to our 2nd place finishes,
we did a great job to place three riders in the top ten in Men’s and
two riders in the top ten in the Women’s,” said faculty advisor Dr.
Scott Banville.


Nicholls State Cycling, a campus club sport is open to all Nicholls
students. Nicholls Cycling is supported by the Harold J. Callais
Student Recreation Center–The Office of Campus Recreation, Acadia Land
Surveying, Bonnie and Chris Siegrist, the Law offices of Allen &
Norman, BG Bicycles of Houma, LA, Dr. Vance Broussard, and Joey and
Kim Comeaux.

Faculty Contact:

Dr. Scott Banville, 885-227-1787

Nicholls Cycling Rolls at Texas A&M March 1-2, 2014

Nicholls Cycling Rolls @ Texas A&M

March 1-2, 2014–College Station, TX

Nicholls State Cycling, a campus Club Sport, kicked off the season
with two individual wins, two 2nd place finishes, and a 3rd place
finish. The Texas A&M, Texas Tunis Race took place March 1-2, 2014 in
College Station, TX. The race weekend featured a road race, an
Individual Time Trial, and a Criterium. Faculty advisor, Dr. Scott
Banville describes a criterium as NASCAR for bikes.

First time racer Aaron Richard said collegiate racing “an experience I
won’t ever forget; I had a blast competing over the weekend. I’ve
never been so proud to be a Colonel!!”

Dr. Scott Banville noted that Aaron’s reaction shows how important
Club Sports and the Rec Center’s other programs are to fostering
student engagement at Nicholls.

First year racer Catherine Gauthier had a strong weekend, racing to a
2nd place finish in a hotly contested Women’s Road Race that covered
23 miles include 3 miles of dirt roads. Later in the day, not content
with letting University of Texas, Dallas take all the glory, Catherine
raced to a 1st place finish in the Individual Time Trial event,
averaging over 22 MPH on a 5.5 mile course.

On Sunday, racing in the cold and rain, Gauthier raced to a second
place finish in the Criterium, again, finishing just behind Stella Yan
from the University of Texas, Dallas. Catherine’s teammate, Katelyn
Daigle finished 4th in the Criterium after doing a lot of work
blocking the wind for Catherine and chasing down attacks. In the Road
Race Katelyn finished a strong 5th and finished 4th in the Individual
Time Trial.

Catherine Gauthier, reflecting on her experience racing said, “It was
awesome. I loved it. Cycling is now my sport.” Catherine went on to
say, “next race at Texas State, I’m going to beat that woman from UT,
Dallas. That’s my goal.”



In the Men’s D Road Race, Jonathan Comeaux and his teammates Aaron
Richard, Jordan Stadler, and Alan Brambila worked together to place
Jonathan in position to finish in the top three. The men’s race
started at blistering pace, with speeds reaching over 24 MPH out of
the first corner. A three year veteran of collegiate racing, Jonathan
positioned himself near the front approaching the first gravel section
where speeds exceeded 34 MPH. Jonathan was able to respond to the
first attack and maneuvered himself into the break with 12-15 other
riders. Aaron Richard, following Jonathan’s lead joined and the two
worked together to counter attacks by the other teams. Allan Brambila
and Jordan Stadler, despite being boxed out of the break by the
tactics of the other teams, lead a heroic chase to rejoin the leaders.

Going into the last 8 miles of the 23 mile race, a small group of
riders broke off from the lead pack. Again, showing his experience,
Jonathan let Kaleb Shelton of LSU do all the work in chasing down the
escapees. Cresting the final climb with 300 meters to go and with the
two escapees in their clutches, Jonathan powered past the LSU rider
and took 3rd, just behind Cameron Lowery of Midwestern State
University (Texas) and Jakob Jøelstad of the University of Houston.

On Sunday, March 2, racing in windy and wet conditions, Jonathan and
his teammates worked to control the race. Early on Jordan Stadler
worked with Jonathan to box out Kaleb Shelton from LSU and Aaron
Richard worked hard to keep other teams from putting Jonathan in a bad
position. With one lap to go, Jonathan moved to the front of the pack
and taking the last corner in second position, he powered past
Jonathan Martin of Abilene Christian University in the last 200

Texas A&M Race Results (Tunis
Jonathan Comeaux
–1st place Men’s D Criterium
–3rd place Men’s D Road Race
–10th place Men’s D Individual Time Trial

Catherine Gauthier
–2nd place Women’s C Criterium
–2nd place Women’s C Road Race
–1st place Women’s Individual Time Trial

Katelyn Daigle
–4th place Women’s C Criterium
–5th place Women’s C Road Race
–4th place Women’s C Individual Time Trial

Aaron Richard
–16th place Men’s D Criterium
–12th place Men’s D Road Race
–15th place Men’s D Individual Time Trial

Allan Brambila
–DNS due to rain Men’s D Criterium
–20th place Men’s D Road Race
–18th place Men’s D Individual Time Trial

Jordan Stadler
–22nd place Men’s D Criterium
–21st place Men’s D Road Race
–20th place Men’s D Individual Time Trial

Team Results
–1st Place Men’s D Criterium
–2nd Place Women’s C Criterium

–3rd Place Men’s D Road Race
–2nd Place Women’s C Road Race

Nicholls State Cycling, a campus Club Sport is sponsored by: The
Office of Campus Recreational Sports, Acadia Land Surveying, Bonnie
and Chris Siegrist, the Law offices of Allen & Norman, BG Bicycles of
Houma, LA, and Joey and Kim Comeaux.

Photos (free to use, credit Kim Comeaux):


Contact: Dr. Scott Banville