Bike Share

The Harold J. Callais Recreation Center now offers free bicycle sharing to students and other members, to promote exercise and exploration.

Beyond the obvious health benefits, the collegiate bikesharing program offers:

  • Increased mobility for students who have no transportation at all
  • Reduced traffic congestion on campus
  • Reduced fuel use
  • Greater environmental awareness
  • Increased realization that bicycling is a viable transportation mode
  • Improved transportation habits which remain with students post-graduation.

We currently offer 9 bicycles, 2 tandem bicycles and 1 adult trike.

Recreation center members will be able to “check-out” a bicycle in the same manner that they currently “check-out” recreational items utilizing their Colonel Card.

Once at the equipment desk:

  • You will be required to sign a waiver
  • You will be issued a helmet
  • You will be issued a key that will correlate to the available bike