Nicholls State Cycling races under USA Cycling’s Collegiate Cycling Program and are part of the South Central Collegiate Cycling Conference. We race against clubs at other universities such as LSU, Tulane, the University of Texas-Austin, Texas A&M, Baylor, Texas Tech, the University of Houston, and the University of Oklahoma.

Our goal is to introduce students and the rest of the Nicholls community to the sport of bicycle riding and racing. We do so in a supportive and safe manner, teaching our members how to ride safely and competitively. The club is currently focused on road racing–road races, criteriums, and time trials, but the Collegiate Cycling season includes mountain bike, track, and cyclocross events as well. The club also participates in various non-competitive charity bike rides and events throughout the year.

All students–undergraduate and graduate are invited to ride and race with Nicholls State Cycling. Faculty and staff are invited to ride with Nicholls State Cycling. Club members not only engage in a life long fitness activity, but also learn valuable organizing and goal setting skills that will serve them well through out their lives.

Students need a bicycle (road bike preferred), a helmet, bicycle shorts, and a few other inexpensive items. The club and its members can help prospective members in selecting the proper equipment.



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Allan Brambila
Aaron Richard
Katelyn Daigle
Catherine Gauthier
Ian Shows
Jonathan Comeaux
Jordan Stadler
Chris Dugas
Charles Belleau

Faculty Advisor:
Scott D. Banville
Notable 2013 Results
2nd Men’s D Criterium at Texas A&M, March 2-3, 2013–Cale Guidry
8th Men’s D Criterium at Texas A&M, March 2-3, 2013–Jonathan Comeaux
4th Men’s D Team Time Trial at University of Texas, February 16-17, 2013–Jonathan Comeaux, Cale Guidry, and James Fulcher

Notable 2014 Results

Catherine Gauthier–Conference Champion, Women’s C category–South
Central CollegiateCycling Conference
Conference Championship @ Midwestern State

Conference Championship, Women’s C category–South Central
CollegiateCycling Conference
1st Midwestern State/Conference Championship Road Race
1st–Midwestern State/Conference Championship Criterium

LSU Race Weekend
2nd overall LSU Race Weekend
1st LSU Road Race
1st LSU Time Trial
3rd LSU Criterium

Texas State Race Weekend
2nd Texas State Criterium
3rd Texas State Time Trial
3rd Texas State Road Race

Texas A&M Race Weekend
1st Texas A&M Time Trial
2nd Texas A&M Criterium
2nd Texas A&M Road Race

Jonathan Comeaux

LSU Race Weekend
2nd overall LSU Race Weekend
1st LSU Time Trial
2nd LSU Criterium
2nd LSU Road Race
Allan Brambila, 7th and Jordan Stadler 8th–Three riders in the top
ten for the LSU Road Race

Texas State Race Weekend
2nd Texas State Road Race
3rd Texas State Time Trial
1st Texas A&M Criterium
3rd Texas A&M Road Race

Conference Championships at Midwestern State
Nicholls Team Time Trial 2nd Place at Midwestern State, Conference
Championships–Chris Dugas, Allan Brambila, and Jordan Stadler