1st Quarter 2012-How Stress and Mental Health Issues Can Affect Safety in the Workplace

Stress and mental health issues can affect safety in the workplace. Stress can lead to a decrease in focus, increased irritability, or other emotional disturbance, which can lead to minor or major accidents, sometimes resulting in physical injury.

As a means of overall safety and accident prevention, we ask that you consider taking advantage of counseling and health services available ON CAMPUS, at little to no cost to you.


University Counseling Center

  • FREE and confidential counseling available to FACULTY and STAFF
  • Issues include:
  1. depression,
  2.  anxiety
  3. stress management
  4. relational issues (marital, family, coworkers, etc)
  5. almost any  issue that you can think of for counseling, we can help, or if we can’t help you, we can refer you to someone who can help.
  • Sessions are UNLIMITED (there is no “cap” on the amount of sessions you can receive)

Location: 224 Elkins Hall

Phone: 985-448-4080


University Health Services

  • Acute care facility for short term illnesses
  • Faculty/staff services include:
  1. Sinus infection
  2. Earaches, eye  issues
  3. Wellness checks: Blood pressure checks, BMI, weight
  4. Workplace injuries, wound care
  • No Insurance billing–$25 per visit
  • Medication is handled through your OGB insurance plan, regular co-pay/deductible applies

Location: First Floor Ayo Hall

Phone: 985-493-2600