4th Quarter 2013 – Holiday Safety

Holiday Safety

The holiday season can be a time of joy, but it can also be a very hectic time, which can put you at risk. Statistics have shown that the risk for accidents increases drastically during the holiday season. Below are some tips to help make your holiday a safe one at work and at home.


·         Use a wide sturdy tree stand

·         Make sure that lights have a factory label which assures they have been safety tested

·         Inspect each string of lights to make sure there is no damage

·         Don’t connect more than 3 sets of lights on the same extension cord

·         To avoid tripping hazards, do not run extension cords across hallways

·         Inspect your lights each year to check for frayed wires and broken or cracked sockets

·         Do not overload electrical circuitry

·         Unplug lights before leaving your office

·         Make sure that your holiday décor in your department does not block exits, cover exit signage, hang from sprinkler heads or block access to fire extinguishers

·         Do not place decorations in hallways that will block egress in case of an emergency


·         Keep the stand filled with water if using a live tree

·         Keep the tree away from heat sources such as heaters, heat ducts and fireplaces

·         Don’t use your fireplace to burn wrapping materials, which can create toxic fumes

·         Use kindling and wooden matches to light fires, not flammable liquids

·         Don’t close the chimney flue until the fire is COMPLETELY out

·         Unplug lights before leaving home or going to bed

·         Make sure that your smoke detectors are working properly and fire extinguishers are fully charged and easily accessible

·         When using a ladder to hang decorations, look for a safe location with firm level footing and rigid support for the top of the ladder

·         When climbing a ladder, use three points of contact, keep one hand and both feet or both hands and one foot in contact with the ladder at all times

Holiday Food Preparation                

·         Keep utensils, preparation surfaces and hands clean

·         Keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold                                    

·         Refrigerate leftovers as soon as possible after the meal

Holiday Travel

·         According to research by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, every 45 minutes or 32 times a day, someone dies in an alcohol impaired driving crash

·         Get a good night’s sleep before starting on long road trips

·         Leave an itinerary with a family member or friend so someone knows where you are



Holiday Stress Relievers

·         Budget your time as well as your money

·         Don’t try to do everything yourself

·         Make some fun plans for January when the post holiday blues set in