2016 Fire Log



Resident Facilities Date Time Cause/Type of Fire # of Injuries Requiring Medical Treatment # of Deaths Related to Fire Property Damage in Dollars Case Number
Brady Complex 5/01/2016 1:15 pm Unattended Stove/Kitchen 0 0 200.00 20016-00154
Family Housing Apartments 5/18/2016 1:00 pm Oven/Crayons 0 0 300.00 Est. TBD


Case Number:   20016-00154

The occupant of the Residence Apartment attempted to heat some chocolate in a small pot.  The stove was left unattended for a few minutes at which time the chocolate began to burn causing the kitchen to fill with smoke.  The fire was extinguished by removing the pot from the stove.  The fire department arrived on scene and with the use of smoke exhaust fans, were able to exhaust all smoke from the building.  The apartment fire alarm system was activated and the building complex evacuated.  No one was injured in the event and minor damage reported.