1st Quarter 2019 – Lockout / Tagout Affected Employees

Affected Employee Training


What is Lockout/Tagout (LOTO)?

Practices and procedures designed specifically to safeguard employees from unexpected energizing or starting of machines and equipment, or accidental release of hazardous energy.

Affected Employee Vs. Authorized Employee:

  • Affected Employee: One whose job requires them to operate/use or be in the area of machinery or equipment or which service/maintenance is being performed.
  • Authorized Employee: One who is responsible for the lockout/tagout of machinery or equipment.

What are the responsibilities of an Authorized Employee?

  • Assures that equipment and machinery are properly shut down
  • Apply lock/tags at the energy source to prevent accidental start-up
  • Verbally notifies all affected and other employees about the shutdown.
  • Upon completion, all affected and other employees are notified prior to the removal of locks and tags and impending restart

What are the responsibilities of an Affected Employee?

  • Provide needed assistance to the Authorized employee as requested to ensure proper shutdown and identification of isolation locations
  • Never attempt to start equipment/machines that have been locked out or tagged out
  • Never attempt to remove or tamper with locks or tags for any reason

What should you do if the machine/equipment that you need to use is locked/tagged out?

  • DO NOT Attempt to remove or tamper with the locks or tags
  • Contact the Authorized Employee – The name is located on the tag
  • If the Authorized Employee cannot be contacted, call the Authorized Employees Supervisor.

Why is LOTO Important?

  • It’s a Matter of Life and Death!!
  • Unexpected startup of equipment/machines during service or maintenance can result in serious injury or even death
  • 10% of injury occurring during service work are the direct result of someone else starting up the equipment or energizing the equipment
  • Don’t be responsible for injuring a fellow employee