XVII. Boiler and Machinery

A. Components of Boiler/Machinery Loss Control and Maintenance Programs:
1. Agency Maintenance Policies and Procedures – Nicholls State University is     responsible for implementing a viable Boiler/Machinery Maintenance Program. This program shall include designating personnel who are responsible for specific maintenance areas. Policies must outline the roles and responsibilities of managers, supervisors and employees within the maintenance department. These policies should be made available to all maintenance personnel. The Bureau of Risk Analysis and Loss Prevention will provide guidance and direction to agencies in developing an effective Boiler and Machinery Loss Control and Maintenance Program.
2. Communication/Organization – The Bureau of Risk Analysis and Loss Prevention will work with Nicholls in setting up the program within Nicholls. The  Bureau will also assist Nicholls in identifying systems and objects to be incorporated into the maintenance program. The commercial insurance carrier  will observe the maintenance program during inspections at Nicholls State University. These observations, along with recommendations for corrective action, will be reported in writing to the Office of Risk Management. All correspondence will then be forwarded to Nicholls for compliance with recommendations.
3. Maintenance Contracts – If Nicholls has commercial maintenance/service contracts in force it will notify it’s State Loss Prevention Officer during his periodic visits.

B. Audits and Recordkeeping: The Bureau of Risk Analysis and Loss Prevention will assist Nicholls in reviewing and analyzing boiler/machinery maintenance programs to determine that they are properly designed. Records of all equipment should include, but not limited to, preventive maintenance schedules, testing results, repair documents, replacement documents and all completed service documents. Annual audits will be conducted upon request from the Superintendent of Maintenance.

C. Responsibility:
1. The Bureau of Risk Analysis and Loss Prevention will assist Nicholls in organizing and implementing a maintenance program that minimizes the adverse impact of boiler/machinery failure.
2. Nicholls is responsible for the implementation of a boiler/machinery program for particular types of equipment used. This program will include, as  minimum responsibilities, what equipment is to be maintained, how maintenance is to be performed and how records will be maintained.
3. Commercial Insurance Carriers will perform on-site inspections to insure that Nicholls is operating within the prescribed boiler/machinery code/law. They will forward a copy of this report to the Office of Risk Management.

D. Additional Information for Compliance Contact:
Bureau of Risk Analysis and Loss Prevention (225) 925-6818

Detailed Information of the Boiler/Machinery Loss Control and Maintenance Program will be on file with:
Superintendent of Maintenance
Nicholls State University
Thibodaux, LA 70310
(985) 447-4786.