III. Elements of General Safety Plan

Nicholls State University’s General Safety Program is designed to meet requirements of a Class B Agency as prescribed by the Louisiana Worker Compensation Rule 15 and conforms to the 15-point operational safety plan mandated by the Office of Risk Management in its Loss Prevention Manual. It also incorporates requirements for controlling hazardous materials as required by federal and state rules and regulations. This 15-point general safety program is organized in accordance with the following elements:

1. A management safety policy statement
2. Assignment of safety responsibility
3. Inspection program
4. Job safety analysis
5. Accident investigation program
6. Safety meetings
7. Safety rules
8. Employee safety training
9. Record keeping
10. First aid
11. Housekeeping program
12. Hazard control program
13. Boiler and machinery program
14. Driver safety program
15. Water vessel operator safety program