XI. First Aid Requirements

Requirements for First Aid:
1.  All employees must report any injury/illness to the University Health Services Department as soon as possible. At least before the end of the shift during which the accident occurred.
2.  Minor injuries will be treated by the University Health Services Department and the employee will return to work. The employee must fill out an employee statement of claim. A description of the accident and names of witnesses (if any) are included in the statement of claim.
3.  If a physician is needed, the employee will be given authorization for treatment. Authorization shall be obtained from the Human Resources Workman’s Compensation Department.
4.  The University Health Services Department will maintain a record of all accidents and injuries and will submit a copy to the Human Resource Department.
5.  Human Resource Department will report injuries involving loss time and medical claims to the Office of Risk Management.
6.  Written rules regarding first aid procedures will be promulgated to include disciplinary action when these rules are violated.
7.  The employee will provide the Workman’s Compensation Department with the treating physician’s diagnosis of the injury/illness, and the length of time he/she is expected to be unable to work.

Requirements for a Medical Emergency:
In the event of a medical emergency that is life threatening or serious in nature that is beyond basic first aid treatment the following protocol shall be followed:

Employees shall remain calm, dial extension 4911 (Emergency) or 4764 (University Police) and give the dispatcher the following information.
• Name of person calling
• Exact location of the accident or incident
• Telephone number
• Nature of the illness or injury

The dispatcher will then notify the emergency personnel (Acadian Ambulance Service) and then make certain that the appropriate personnel and equipment are sent to the scene. See Nicholls State University Policy/Procedure Manual, Section 1.1., Emergency Protocol.