I. Management Policy Statement on Safety

September 4, 2018


To:       The Nicholls State University Community

From:   John Clune

As president of Nicholls State University, one of my responsibilities is to assure our employees a work environment which is as safe and accident free as possible. Responsibility for the administration of safety policies is a function of management and its entire supervisory force.  As employee safety is one of our top priorities, I insist on compliance with all state safety requirements, nationally recognized safety codes, standards, manuals, and guides in all applicable areas of operation.

Management, working with safety communities and the safety and environmental health officer, will implement a safety program with protection in mind. Training, safety education and correction of hazardous conditions will have particular emphasis. Vice presidents, college deans, department heads, directors, and supervisors will strictly adhere to requirements for reporting, investigating and documenting all accidents and “near misses” in their respective area. It is up to each of us to recognize our own responsibility for safety rules, proper use of safety devices, supporting all safety programs and offering constructive suggestions for improvement.

I request that you give attention, on a daily basis, to making safety an integral and essential part of our university operations.

Original signed memorandum on file in the Environmental Health & Safety Office.