IX. Required Records

The following safety records should be kept by Nicholls State University for at least three (3) years, or for varying periods as noted below. Copies of forms are included with exhibits describing the specific procedures as noted.

1. Housekeeping Survey Report (Inspection Reports): Completed quarterly, or more often as necessary, in each work unit following a general safety inspection. The completed form is retained in the area it covers for at least three (3) years and should be made available to agency head and the Office of Risk Management’s Bureau of Risk Analysis upon request.
2. Work Order /Service Request: Nicholls State University utilizes a work order request system or a service request to identify potential hazards in each department. Hazards are reported and tracked through completion (See Work Order Request Form J892). Work order records are maintained in the Physical Plant Office and shall be kept for a minimum of three (3) years. Service Request logs are maintained in the Maintenance Department and shall be kept for a minimum of three (3) years.
3. Employers Report of Occupational Injury, Illness, or Disease: Completed for each accident requiring treatment. The reports are filed by year of occurrence in an agency central file. Agencies must implement a method for recording and filing reports of accidents that result in time lost from work (missing a full work day after the day of injury). Employees must have written authorization from treating physician to return to work following such an injury.
4. Monthly Summary of Work Injuries: Completed monthly for all work related injuries. The original is retained by the supervisor. Copies are sent to the agency head and department head.
5. Accident Investigation Report: Completed for each accident or near miss. Attached to the Employer’s Report of Occupational Injury, Illness, or Disease when an injury has resulted. The original is retained by the supervisor. Copies are sent to the department head and the safety officer.
6. Job Safety Analysis: Completed by the supervisor in each work unit. Supervisors are expected to conduct or review at least one (1) job safety analysis each month. Job safety analysis forms are kept in a file in the originating area. The documents should be readily accessible to employees and there should be an index naming the task, and the date the job safety analysis was completed or revised.
7. Safety Meeting Report: Completed quarterly in ach unit following safety meeting and maintained in the operating area for three (3) years. Copies should be sent to the safety officer and department head.
8. Training Documentation: Completed following training sessions and maintained in the operating area for a minimum of three (3) years or until next training due date if greater than three (3) years.
9. First Aid Log: Completed whenever first aid is administered. The log is maintained at University Health Services for a minimum of five (5) years. The Human Resources Department shall keep all records pertaining to Worker’s Compensation, and coordinate information and reports with the University Safety Officer. All records regarding safety shall be open and subject to inspection by any employee or member of the public. Where a person’s privacy affected (in cases where that employee has been injured), the university shall exercise discretion. Requests are to be made in writing with appropriate time allowed for response.