Campus SaVE

In March 2013 President Obama signed into law the Campus SaVE Act — Campus Sexual Violence Elimination Act.  This bipartisan supported Act seeks to prevent and reduce incidents of stalking, sexual assault, and relationship violence as well as ensure assistance, services, and justice for those who are victims/survivors of these crimes. This is vital to successful matriculation for all students.

SaVE updates the Campus Security Act (also known as Clery Act) and serves as a companion to Title IX as it seeks to create and/or enhance transparency, accountability, education, adjudication, and victim rights.  Nicholls State University takes this charge very seriously.

Additionally, the state of Louisiana signed into law The Campus Accountability and Safety Act on June 11, 2015 which reinforces many of the federal requirements as well as extends additional mandates to ensure the safest learning environments possible.  The Louisiana Board of Regents and our University of Louisiana System also revised policies in 2015 that reflect federal and state laws in order to further facilitate this important process.

One vital component in this effort is the university’s Policy Statement which describes the University’s comprehensive approach to addressing these issues and complying with all federal, state, BoR, and ULS requirements.

Please click on Nicholls Policy Regarding Campus SaVE (pdf) to access the full document or see the left menu to view important excerpts of the policy by section, including reporting options.

Additionally, click on Clery Act to view University Police information about these and other Clery requirements

Call Student Services at 985-448-4080 or email Dr. Michele Caruso at if you have any questions.