Campus Security Act Mandatory Reporters

Campus Security Authorities or “Mandatory Reporters”

Under Campus Security Act


Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Services – 448-4022

Director of University Police – 448-4746

University Police Officers – 448-4746

Student Judicial Officer – 448-4531

Director of Union Services and Facilities – 448-4531

Campus Recreation – 493-2742

Dean of Student Services – 448-4080

Director of Financial Aid – 448-4048

Director of Bands – 448-4600

Director of Student Publications – 448-4259

Director of Disability Services – 448-4430

Coordinator of SEALS – 448-4523

Director of International Student Affairs – 449-7038

Adviser for KNSU – 448-4447

Adviser for the Judicial Board – 448-4531

Director of Housing – 448-4479

 Greek Life Coordinator – 448-4531

Residence Hall Directors – 448-4479

Art Faculty – 448-4597

Music Faculty –448-4600

Athletic Academic Advisers – 448-4117

Faculty Advisers of Active Student Organizations – 448-4531

Director of Athletics – 448-4794

Associate Directors of Athletics – 448-4794

Head Coaches – 448-4794

Assistant Coaches – 448-4794

Graduate Assistants – 4484794

Trainers – 448-4291

Director of Baseball Operations – 448-4794



Campus Security Authorities or “Mandatory Reporters”

under Campus Security Act


(This list will be updated annually. Reporters may be contacted by email at June, 2016)


Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Services – Dr. Eugene Dial

Director of University Police – Chief Craig Jaccuzzo

University Police Officers

Laverne Chapman
Troy Erwin
Denise D’Andrea
Mikeal James
Nicholas Johnson
Joseph Travigne
Larry White

Student Judicial Officer – Dr. Tommy Ponson

Director of Union Services and Facilities – Brandie Toups

Campus Recreation

Sabrina Laurent
Kristen Fillmore
Kathryn Harrell

Dean of Student Services – Dr. Michele Caruso

Director of Financial Aid – Casie Triche

Director of Bands – TBA

Director of Student Publications – Nikki Boudreaux

Director of Disability Services – Robin Bell

Coordinator of SEALS – Kathryn Harrell

Director of International Student Affairs – Marilyn Gonzalez

Adviser for KNSU – Lance Arnold

Adviser for the Judicial Board – Dr. Tommy Ponson

Director of Housing – Michael Matherne

 Greek Life Coordinator – Dr. Tommy Ponson

 Residence Hall Professional Staff –

Paige Folse
Rachel Boguille
Heidi Cortez

Art Faculty –

Jean Donegan
Dr. Deborah Cibelli
Dr. Jill Chancey
Mr. Jeff Brown
David Horton
Trisha Rabalais
Joseph Holsapple
Gaither Pope
Deborah Lillie
Ross Jahnke
Michael Williams

Music Faculty –

Dr. Michael Bartnik
Mr. Matthew Jefferson
Dr. Kenneth Klaus
Dr. Luciana Soares
Mr. Joshua Hollenbeck
Mr. James Alexander
Ms. Michelle Parro
Dr. Valerie Francis
Dr. Ivan Koska

Athletic Academic Advisors – Dr. Lori Richard

Faculty Advisors of Active Student Organizations

Margaret Diaz- Fugetta
Dr. Andrew Simoncelli
Dennis Guillot
Dr. En Mao
Gerard White
Amalie Benoit
Dr. Lisa Lauer
Dr. Randy Ryker
Lance Arnold
Nicki Boudreaux
Michael Matherne
Sue Gremillion
Kimberly Dozar
Dr. Elizabeth Block
Marilyn Gonzalez
Brandon Ruttley
Cary Berthelot
Jessica Harvey
Dr. R. Allen Alexander
Dr. Todd Kennedy
Dr. Kathy Conner
Dr. Bill Thibodaux
Brenda Haskins
Becky Durocher
Dr. Balaji Ramachandran
Jennifer Williams
Jenna Portier
Dr. Ianna West
Dr. Chuck Viosca
Dr. Monique Boudreaux
Felicia Harry
Dr. Duane Smith
Dr. Balaji Ramachandran
David Whitney
Joshua Hollenbeck
Liz Folse
Dr. J. Patrick Perkins
Dr. James Butler
Dr. Kenneth Klaus
Courtney Cassard
Jean Donegan
Rebecca Smith
Paul Forbes
Dr. Mabel Illidge
Dr. John Doucet
Dr. Ronnie Fanguy
Gilberto Burbante
Dr. Joseph Thysell
Dr. Tiffany Duet
Michael Gautreaux
Deborah Lillie
Dr. Gary Lafleur
Trisha Rabalais

Director of Athletics – Rob Bernardi

Associate Directors of Athletics

Andrew Kearney
DoBee Plaisance

 Head Coaches

Seth Thibodeaux
James Schilling
Tommy Harold
Tim Rebowe
Angel Santiago
Heather Van Norman
DoBee Plaisance
Richard Riley

Assistant Coaches


John Aiken

Walter Jones
Justin Payne
Zach Butler
Austin Flores
James Claunch
David Amata
Justin Payne
Kris Goff
Brent Alfred
Steve Adams
Rob Christophel
Tommy Rybacki
Anthony Camp
Sean Murphy
Alan Ricard
Lee Roussel
Marcus Scott
Brian Wallace
Jessica Seamon
Marko Majstorovic
Amanda Murphy

Adam Gros
Barbara Naquin

Director of Baseball Operations – Austin Flores


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