The Serenity Space

…is now open! 
Before you know it the hours have passed and you can’t remember if you took even one full breath.  There are still unread emails, unsigned papers, unfinished or ungraded assignments, unfinished tasks.  You know you worked hard; you ate lunch at your desk, you went to the library for hours, you clicked away at the keyboard.  Your head hurts.  Your shoulders are tight.  You want to close your eyes, but there are racing thoughts of which task is the most vital to start with in the morning or to finish before midnight.

It’s a daily story.  It seems if we take a few minutes to take care of ourselves, we’ll pile on more burden.  However, research has indicated repeatedly that without taking the time to rest, renew, and rejuevinate we cannot work as productively, efficiently, and energetically as we are capable of.  A little bit of investment in taking care of ourselves pays off tremendously in the long run.

This Serenity Space was designed to give our students, faculty, and staff a space to recenter and rejuvenate.  The room contains an automated massage chair, Buddha board, Zen garden, meditation cushions, water element,  and computer with guided meditations and soothing music.

30 minute sessions 

M-F 8:00-4:30

To make a reservation contact Student Services at 985.448.4080

224 Elkins Hall

**See FAQ section and Serenity Space Guidelines & Agreement for more information**



Serenity Space Agreement

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